Addi Crazy Trios needles perfect for crochet and DIY projects

Addi Crazy Trios 21cmx 2.75mm

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The small-round knitting revolution! You can knit even the smallest diameters with this 3-piece set of flexible double-pointed knitting needles.

The stitches are distributed across two needles before being knitted with a third needle, resulting in only two needle changes per row. The needle adjusts to each hand thanks to the flexible middle section.

ADDI have been manufacturing knitting needles and crochet hooks since 1829 in Germany. The company is 6th generation manufacturers of a full range of bamboo needles, plastic needles, metal needles and olive wood needles and sells its products in more than 55 countries. Brenda's Curtains are proud to be a stockist of this well-renowned and great quality brand!

We inspire DIY craft friends, knitting groups and crocheting groups with great tools to work on their projects.