Brenda's Curtains Handmade Gift Ideas for Christmas

Three handmade gift ideas for Christmas

Brenda's Curtains Handmade gift ideas for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone's excited to give and receive gifts this festive season! It's the most beautiful time of the year and it's best celebrated with friends and family who you love dearly. But gift giving doesn't need to be expensive, and it certainly doesn't need to be hours spent traipsing around shopping malls buying stuff that your loved ones don't really need. In fact, intimate gift-giving is one of the things that we look forward to at Christmas. Gifts make with love and thoughtfulness. I wonder if you agree with me on that?

PLUS, with C O V I D restrictions still being imposed in parts of Australia, it can be really difficult to shop for gifts locally. 

So ... let's remove the stress of the mall and the crazy Christmas shopping crowds, and bring it back to HANDMADE!! Handmade are the gifts made with love and thought. They're fun for the maker, it gives us a chance to think about the one we're making for, and they're so wonderful for the receiver!

YES! Get your creative juices flowing and start prepping for Christmas gifts that you make yourself which are more personal, and made from the heart. SWEET!

So, we've compiled a list of handmade gift ideas that you can give someone this Christmas ... here they are!


1. DIY Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies are so popular right now, and making your own is SO MUCH FUN! They're very cute and easy to make, and you don't even need professional sewing skills to make them. All you need is our DIY kit (there are so many fabrics to choose from!) and we even send you the pins!!!! Learn how to make your own DIY scrunchie here:

Our DIY Scrunchie Kit is on our website and in-store! They're available here!



Get creative with Diamond Dotz! You can either make them first before gifting to someone or you can do it together - that's super fun!

Kids and adults alike will enjoy assembling and completing beautiful pieces using Diamond Dotz. You can make a Christmas Tree Picture, Christmas Kitten Glow, Christmas Penguin, or a Christmas Wreath, and lots more!

Discover other things you can do with Diamond Dotz here!


3. Macramé

With the growing popularity of plants, macramé plant hangers have also come into the picture. They are designed to help you display your plants and other greenery in your humble abode. 

... PLUS, they're very easy to make! Watch this YouTube video to learn how!

 If you'd love to make these plant hangers to give to your mum or a special friend, grab a macramé cording from our website now or visit us in-store!

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