Crafty winter projects with wool ~ upcycling and new

Crafty winter projects with wool ~ upcycling and new

Being in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia enjoys a lot of sunshine even in the coldest season. Australia experiences an exciting variety of weather, and depending on which part of the country you're in, there can be snow and temperatures below 0 degrees, or you can be swimming at the beach and sunbathing!

Whatever the weather where you are, the Winter Season is a great time to get stuck into some winter craft and sewing projects that will keep you busy during the longer evenings ...

We scoured the internet for some awesome projects to bring you, so let's start by being resourceful and upcycling, and let's make a hat from an old sweater.

winter recycling projects

Firstly, go check your wardrobe for an old forgotten sweater and let's give it a new lease on life. It’s a quick project that will help your knitting skills AND keep you warm for years to come! We start with an old sweater, repurpose it into a hat and then use the sleeves to make fingerless gloves! 

(1) Click here for instructions on; How to make a hat from a sweater

(2) Click here for instructions on: How to make DIY fingerless gloves

Perhaps you like knitting and would like to try your hand at a project using the amazing Bergere Waouh Wool? If you haven't heard of Waouh wool, it's extraordinarily thick and made entirely from high-quality wool. Special features of this wool;

  • spectacular and very visual,
  • fluffy and soft,
  • warm and comfortable.
With just one ball you can knit up hats, scarves, snoods and more in just minutes... So soft it will make you fall in love with cardigans and jackets...
  • Perfect for learning to knit:
  • It is knitted with your hands and arms,
  • Crochet with your fingers,
  • Knit on 25 or 30 mm needles.

This great knitting project can be found on the Bergere Waouh Wool website, here.

winter knitting projects Bergere Waouh Wool

We have a great range of Bergere Waouh Wool in every colour imaginable! Check out our range here, and then head to Pinterest for inspiration! 

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