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Checklist: Getting Ready for Christmas Crafting

Brenda's Curtains Christmas Craft ideas

Christmas may seem months away ... but it's really only just around the corner, and if you're getting to get your craft on, it's time to start now! Where do this year go (don't we say that every year?!!!) But really, it feels like we just started 2021 a few months ago, and now we're about to head off to the 'BER' months - ho ho ho ho! SeptemBER OctoBER NovemBER and then DecemBER will be here before we know it!

Although we're still in the midst of the pandemic, and we don't know what Christmas celebrations will look like this year, that shouldn't stop us from celebrating Christmas with those we love, right? Even if it's on zoom!!!!

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year where we can give to those we love, and create magic for the little people in our lives. Oh, and the amazing food and festivities, delicious hot and cold Christmas fare, fresh seafood, and the list goes on …

Here at Brenda's Curtains HQ, we want to make sure that you will have a blast on this year's Christmas celebration. That's why we've put up this checklist to help you prepare and get ready for all your Christmas crafting, because it's time!!!!

Gift ideas for someone special:

  • Get sewing and make a blanket or rug out of a Jelly Roll!
    • YES! Christmas may be the midst of summer for us here in Australia, but we still need a quilt to snuggle in bed in some parts of the country or for those chillier evenings if you're up here in the Northern Rivers like we are! If you want to be a little bit extra, you can also pair it with a rug, because you're awesome and you're creative! We have a  gorgeous range of Jelly Rolls on our website that you can use on this project, so feel free to check them out here!

Photo via Here a Stitch Quilt Shop.


  • Get crafty with buttons!
    • Have you tried creating an object or shape out of buttons and putting them in a photo frame? If you haven't, you should try it - it's fun and a unique gift idea for someone special. We have lots of button options for you to choose from here

Photo via adirondack girl @ heart.


  • Get creative with Diamond Dotz
    • Diamond Dotz are also a fantastic gift idea this festive season, especially for the young ones. They're fun to do and you're free to create whatever you want!! If you like this Dala Christmas Tree-inspired Diamond Dotz, find our more about our range here

Here are some of the craft necessities you might need for your Christmas gift projects:

    … and so much more!!

    Now, make yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up and check out this YouTube video from 5-Minute Crafts PLAY to see what we're talking about!


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