3 craft ideas to make your home a lot more Christmassy

3 craft ideas to make your home a lot more Christmassy!

The festive Christmas season is here, so I'm sharing some craft ideas to prepare your home, and you can do these on your own or with your family. Enjoy transforming your home into something festive and magical like the video below!

(1) Easy sew Christmas stockings

A Christmas home wouldn't be complete without stockings hanging somewhere! But this time, give it a little twist. Instead of buying a ready-made stocking from your local store, save some money, get crafty, and hand or machine sew your own stockings. If you don't know how to make one, read the step-by-step tutorial here.

Easy sew Christmas stocking

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(2) Diamond Dotz Mini Pillows

Add a little bit of colour and beauty to your sofa with Diamond Dotz Christmas Mini Pillows. They're comfy and fluffy and will complete any Christmas look that you're aiming for. Check out our collection of Diamond Dotz Mini Pillows here.


(3) Colourful garland accents

Create your own accent garlands using scrap fabrics. Just grab all your colourful extra fabrics from old projects and put them all together. You can cut them in a beautiful shape to add some uniqueness to it, or even add glitter and embellishments if you want to.

If you don't have extra fabrics at home, you can check out our beautiful and affordable collection of fabrics here.

Fabric wreath garland

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