Hemline Gold Brenda's Curtains

Sewing kit must-haves

Hemline Gold Brenda's Curtains

There are certain scenarios in life that are unexpected. It could be something very severe, or just a small tear on your dress that only needs a quick fix. 

We don't know what the future holds, which is why we've written this article, to help you prepare for those unexpected days so you can nail your quick fix! It's better to be PREPARED than sorry, right?!

So, first things first, why do you need a sewing kit?

For those who already have sewing machines at home, you'll no doubt already have a bunch of things at the ready, for quick or bigger fixes. BUT you also need a small kit at the ready, that you can quickly grab and mend, or lend to someone for their own quick fix. 

So, why do we need a small sewing kit at the ready?

Sewing kits are portable
- this means you can carry them anywhere you go. So, when a situation arises that requires you to sew by hand, YOU ARE READY! You don't need to cancel your appointment to go home and and mend your split pants. That's super inconvenient!

PLUS, you could be a saviour for someone needing a quick fix, and they're unprepared. 

Check out this video for some amazing and easy hand sewing projects that you could do at home.

OR maybe you want to make hand-sew (or machine sew!) a hair scrunchie with your tween or teen? Watch this!

Now that you know the importance of having a sewing kit at the ready, let's talk about what are the things that you should put in it.

Here's what's inside our Hemline Gold Premium Sewing Kit:

  • Sharp Tip Scissors 9cm/3.5″ x 1
  • Fibreglass Tape Measure 64cm/25″ x 1
  • Polyester Thread x 12 colours
  • Needle Threader x 1
  • Seam Ripper x 1
  • Shirt Buttons x 4
  • Hande Needles x 3
  • Safety Pins x 6
  • Head Pins x 6
  • Snap Fasteners x 4
  • Case dimensions: 7 x 12 x 1.7cm

Hemline is now one of the world's most well-known and largest haberdashery collections with over 1,000 sewing and craft goods, so even if you don't want to buy a pre-made sewing kit, trusting what they include in theirs, is a great way to start for you to follow along and create your own. 

... AND if you didn't know already, Hemline haberdashery is entirely owned and operated by Australians! It's awesome to support Australian-owned businesses!

We have a wide range of Hemline Gold products online and in-store. Check them out here

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