10 DIY ways to organise and store your craft supplies Handa Crafts and Curtains

10 DIY ways to organise and store your craft supplies

10 DIY ways to organise and store your craft supplies Handa Crafts and Curtains

If you're a crafty person, or you're working on a craft project at the moment, chances are, you may be overwhelmed with all the supplies to organise, and your never-ending growing collection that needs to be housed!

Your craft supplies need organising and what better thing to get stuck into this weekend, than a DIY storage solution for all your craft materials. 

Check out this video below from It's Me, JD. Pretty clever, huh?

Here are 10 DIY ways to organise and store your craft supplies in an easy way!

1. Use your old clear containers to store pens and colouring materials. 

If you've got a gazillion pens and colouring supplies and you don't know how to organise them, this clever idea is exactly what you need right now. Collect a bunch of round food clear containers and put them to good use. Check out this example from Ask  Anna.

Ask Anna bookshelf crafts

2. Tic Tac Ribbon Organiser.

The next time you buy Tic Tac's, make sure that you don't throw them right away - you can repurpose them to store all your ribbons! Your teeny tiny empty Tic Tac containers are the perfect solution for housing individual ribbons. Put the edge of your ribbon inside the opening of the Tic Tac container for easy access. See example below from Pretty Prudent.

Tic Tac ribbon organiser by Pretty Prudent


3. Button and other small things organiser.

Looking for small storage, check out this Krafty Savers Organiser Multi Use from our store - Handa Crafts and Curtains - is a life saver! It has 17 individual cavities to help store all your craft and sewing items, coins, stamps, screws, nuts, bolts, and fishing items. Buy a few here they're so handy!!!

Krafty Savers@ Organiser Multi Use Handa Crafts and Curtains Australia


 4. Clip container.

Looking for a fun way to organise and store all your paper clips, beads, pins or tiny things at home? Use this Papercraft Storage Stacker from our store - Handa Crafts and Curtains - which has an easy-to-open storage that slides together. Create your own storage stack by adding more boxes as needed. Grab yours here!

Papercraft @Storage Stacker Handa Crafts and Curtains

5. Old stool repurposed into a craft organiser.

Got a spare stool at home that you're not using anymore? Repurpose it into a DIY craft organiser. See photo below from muyingenioso for inspiration.

Stool DIY craft organiser by muyingenioso

6. Tin can DIY organiser.

Have you ever wondered what else you can do with all those tin and old cans? Well, check this out and be inspired! Thanks for this cynthiashaffer.

Tin can organiser by Cynthia Shaffer

7. Frames into peg boards.

Create your own peg board - this clever picture frame peg board idea is by Dawn Nicole.


Picture frame turned into a peg board

8. Old bookshelf turned into a fabric organiser.

Refresh and upcycle an old bookshelf to good use - turn it into a fabric organiser. See example below from Craftholics Anonymous.

Bookshelf turned into a fabric organiser by Craftaholics Abonymous

9. Paint organiser.

This affordable and super easy to make paint organiser is a life saver! Check out the photo below from Mad in Crafts for inspiration.

Mad in Crafts paint organiser

10. Spool thread stand.

Organise all your threads with this Hemline 60 Spool Thread Stand. Freestanding on a tabletop or wall-mounted. Fix it to the inside of a cupboard door or to your sewing room wall. So versatile!

Hope you enjoyed these craft supplies storage and organiser ideas, and make sure that you follow us on our socials to hear about the latest products and promotions and more! 

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