Diamond Dotz Freestyle DOTZ Stick - Ideal for large areas and free form designs

Diamond Dotz Freestyle DOTZ Stick

Diamond Dotz
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DOTZ® STICK is specifically formulated for free form dotting 4oz (118ml) Bottle

  • Ideal for large areas and free form designs
  • Suitable for most surfaces including Wood, Glass, Metal and Fabrics
  • Apply a generous layer 1/10" (3mm) thick coat of DOTZ® Stick Adhesive onto your desired surface with a brush or spatula. Allow to dry 1-2 hours or once adhesive dries clear.
  • TIP: When dry, the adhesive will be tacky to the touch and form a strong bond with the DOTZ® Water-based & non-toxic
  • All-purpose Dotting Adhesive.



DIAMOND DOTZ® is a revolutionary new craft that uses tiny "Diamond"-like facets to create gorgeous shapes. Our Diamond facet art kits create a stunning glittering appearance and come in a variety of styles to suit all tastes.

The world's leading manufacturer of diamond painting kits. High-tech printing that is patented and proprietary. Highly pigmented. Designing needlecrafts for almost 35 years.